WOD 3.31.15

Congratulations to everyone who competed in and completed the 2015 Crossfit Open. Many thanks go out to those who stuck around and came in early to Judge their fellow competitors. This could not have been done without all of your help.

For many, the Open is full of emotions from excitement to frustration. Pushing limits, physically and mentally, is how we expand the margins of our experience. This is the only path to improvement. For everyone who put themselves out there, to test their limits, be judged, and post your scores for all to see, you can walk away from the last 5 weeks of Open competition confident you are a better you.

Push Press
5RM, 2×5 @90%
-rest 2 min btwn work sets
-performed from the rack
-warm up with sets of 5

6 KB snatch
9 push-up
12 step-up w/KB in front rack
-15 min time cap

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WOD 3.30.15

Back Squat
2RM, 2×2 @90%
-rest 2 min btwn wrk sets
-increase weight from last week

15 power snatch (75/55)
200m run

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WOD 3.28.15

In efforts to provide an opportunity for everyone to perform the Open workouts at CrossFit PDX, the Saturday schedule will be modified over the next 2 weeks.
The 0900 class will now be allocated to our Foundation program members.
At 1000 we will run the Open workout.

There will be coffee provided for competitors, judges, and spectators…FUEL!!!
Everyone is encouraged to come! There is little difference between these workouts and any others you participate in at the gym.
Please be prompt and be prepared to run through a general warm-up on your own.
At 1015 we will bring everyone together to run a warm-up specific to that days workout.
If you need a judge to confirm your score, please communicate with your peers to identify who can be there for you.

See you in the gym,
CrossFit PDX

row (cal)
thruster (95/65)

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WOD 3.27.15

Floor Press
5RM, 2×5 @90%
-rest 2 min btwn work sets

exercise surprise

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WOD 3.26.15

Front Squat
-box squat, normal stance, 1″ below parallel
-sets OTM

5 push press (155/105)
10 ball slam (30/20)
200m run
Rest 1 min
-20 min time cap

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