It’s time for the first gym gathering of 2015. Let’s put that hard earned fitness to use with some Cosmic Bowling!
The place: Mt Hood Lanes in Gresham
The time: Saturday, Jan 31st 6:30-8:30pm
The details: Bring $14 to partake in the festivities. This is not designed to be a dinner outing, so please don’t show up hungry. We will likely migrate to edgefield for the after party, so be ready. Anyone to break 300 gets a free private coaching session with your CFPDX coach of choice. See you there!

2 cln DL +
2 hang pwr cln (mid-knee) +
1 front squat
-increase load across minutes

200m sled pull (135/90)
20 KBS (USA) (70/53)
abmat sit-up
-partner up, partners working simultaneously, one person pulls the loaded sled 200m while the other performs 20 KBS followed by as many abmat sit-up as possible before it is time to switch. 6 total rounds, 3 each.
-score is total time and total sit-ups performed as a team.
-20 min time cap