As we move past the holidays and into a new year, we are moving into a new strength template at the gym. This template will continue with relative consistency for the next 15 weeks. Strength development will always be the foundation of our training goals at CrossFit PDX. It is the component of fitness that takes the longest to build, yet in turn, will serve us the longest as we age. “Strength is the basis of your interaction with the environment” -Mark Rippetoe. Please come to the gym this week ready to attack these goals with the puropse and motivation of a new year.

Across the next 5 weeks you can expect to perform “max effort” squats on Mondays, press of some variation on Tuesdays, work Weightlifing technique on Wednesdays, perform “dynamic effort” squats on Thursdays, press of some variation on Fridays, and partake in a “longer” time domain conditioning workout on Saturdays.

As we move through the coming weeks, please don’t hesitate to communicate with your coaches about what your personal goals are. We are here to help you participate in our program design while moving steadily toward your unique personal/athletic/fitness aspirations. This is the driving separator between a fitness club membership, and the support system here at CrossFit PDX.

-see you in the gym

back squat
10RM, 2×10 @90%
-rest 2 min btwn sets

Tabata x2
KBS (USA)(53/35)
-atlernate movement each round
…rest 2 min…
100 abmat sit-up
-5 min time cap