“12 days after Christmas”
1st day: wall walk 
2nd day: SL squat 
3rd day: burpee box jump 
4th day: T2B
5th day: burpee
6th day: Russian step-up w/ KB in front rack
7th day: pull-up 
8th day: push-up 
9th day: SA KB thruster 
10th day: KB goblet squat
11th day: box jump 
12th day: KBS (USA) 
-each day represents the number of reps of that movement to be performed.  The order of performance should follow the sequence of the song.  Ex. 1-2,1-3,2,1-4,3,2,1-5,4,3,2,1…until all 12 through 1 are performed in one round.
-35 min time cap