We have entered the 3rd week of the 2015 CrossFit Open. It is exciting to see everyone participating putting up such excellent performances. There is wildly evident improvement in the entire gym’s fitness compared to last year. The coaches are honored to see our work paying off in these “testing” environments each week. Keep it up.

A HUGE thanks to all the members that have taken the judges course. Your help on Saturday or any other day you have judged a competitor is a major factor to making the Open a successful event at the gym. With that said, Saturday is the day we have designed to have all participating competitors complete this workout. Fridays general workouts will be designed in a way that provide an environment to perform the Open workout for anyone who absolutely cannot make it in on Saturday. However, if you are needing to do your Open workout on Friday, you will need to plan to have someone there to judge you. The coach in that class cannot devote their undivided attention to ONE single member in order to judge them during class time. We are here for all of you. Please come prepared if you are planning on performing an Open workout during Friday or Mondays class time.

See you in the gym,
CrossFit PDX

3RM, 2×3 @90%
-all of these sets are TnG. the contact with the floor must be absolutely SILENT, even when lowering the bar to the floor after the 3rd rep.
-rest 90-120 sec btwn work sets.
-15 min time cap

10 S2OH (95/65)
30 deadlift (95/65)
50 walking lunge steps