There will be one class run today. There will be two workout options. The first is conditioning based, the second is Weightlifting based.

See you in the gym,
CrossFit PDX

Workout 1
a) thruster (L)
b) ball slam (M)
c) plank
-pace this by working at a steady state for 30 sec in each min to begin. Take the number of reps performed in that first 30 sec and hold that number across the rest of the rounds
-plank is held for 30 sec each round
-score is 3 parts, lowest number of reps performed for each mvmnt

Workout 2
1-5) 3 clean from power position
6-10) 2 clean from mid knee
11-20) 1 slow pull clean
-start light for all hang cleans, once we are into the slow pull cleans, additional weight can be added.

Push Press
5×5 @ 75%