Thrown into the pool at an early age on a recommendation from a doctor claiming that it would produce a strong heart for a child suffering from Asthma, Joel spent most of his early years smelling like chlorine. However, his heart did grow strong in more ways than one. For the past 10 years, Joel has committed himself to helping others reach their full potential. He is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer, an Integrative Nutruition Health Coach; and, acquired specialty certifications in Westside Conjugate Powerlifting and a CrossFit Football Trainer certificate. He believes that through repetitive training we are able to reprogram the self to achieve better results. He would say, that it takes a conscious effort to want to be better, one day at a time. You can still find him swimming his heart out!

Joel Kastel Crossfit Coach in Gresham Oregon


Andra’s interest in sports and fitness started at a young age. Soccer was her first love, and she still enjoys playing the occasional game on the weekends. Andra is a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer and member of the coaching staff. However, her primary focus is on making sure the day to day operations of the gym are running smoothly so both members and coaches have the resources they need to accomplish their objectives.

Andra Fletcher Crossfit Coach in Gresham OR


Ryan Haas has been a member at CrossFit PDX since 2013, and a coach since 2016. He discovered CrossFit after he turned 30 and realized he wasn’t as in shape as he used to be during his wrestling career. Since then, Ryan has continued to learn about the effectiveness of functional training, and become an advocate for the long-term health benefits of the CrossFit methodology. He believes training is scalable for everyone and that fitness is a tool for anyone to improve both mind and body.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Clinical Athlete Certified Weightlifting Coach

Ryan Haas Crossfit Coach in Gresham OR
Great place. Incredible community and excellent coaches. The coaches are great listeners and can modify any workout to your ability. Best place for the beginners. They motivate, educate and help everyone at all levels.
-Sharath S.


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